´╗┐ Blackout Hackle Tail Twitching Jigs

Our Twitching jigs are hand tied on Mustad 2X Strong Ultra Point hooks. .You have your choice of a bullet or round head. 5/16oz only on round heads. All twitching jigs will have Synthetic material bodie, Flared Rubber legs, 2 Hackle Feathers and complimenting flash in the tail. The lead heads will have Baked on Pro-Tec Powder paint and the eyes will be cleaned and ready for you to tie to your line. Choose between Solid black body/tail and colored head or black head/body colored tail

Rubber Legged Hackle Twitchers $4.00 each

Custom orders available upon request or if you have a favorite jig we will re-create it for you just give us a call or send us an email.



Blackout Hackle Tail Twitching Jigs #1



Blackout Hackle Tail Twitching Jigs #2